to our committed athletes:

Casey Clark '13 | Vision VB | Ashland Univ
Carly Skjodt '15 | Munciana | Univ of Michigan
Kori Waelbroeck '14 | KIVA | IUPUI

Upcoming Events:
Sun, Jan. 12 | Recruiting 101
Louisville, KY

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Who ARE we?

  • We’re recruiting experts who are passionate about coaching you throughout the recruiting process

  • We help you identify your strengths and connect you with the appropriate coaches

  • We’ll guide you personally through the selection of schools, communications and visits so you can find the best fit

  • And, because we are volleyball coaches, we have a personal network of collegiate coaches at every level.

What we AREN’T:

  • A one-size-fits-all approach to connecting you with college coaches

  • Developers of a mass distribution list that is sent to every potential college coach

  • A recruiting service that doesn’t know anything about you or care